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Class Description:
Technologies involved in mechatronics (intelligent electro-mechanical systems), and techniques to apply this technology to mecatronic system design. Topics include: electronics (A/D, D/A converters, op-amps, filters, power devices); software program design, event-driven programming; hardware and DC stepper motors, solenoids, and robust sensing. Large, open-ended team project.

Project Challenge:
The objective of Angry Peeps is to build a Peep Base that can knock down up to five Pig Targets and collect up to five peeps within a two minute period. Three points are awarded for every Pig Target knocked down, one point is awarded for every peep collected, and one point is subtracted for every peep remaining on the field after 2 minutes.  Each half of the playing field is 4’x8’.  The Pig Targets on the pink half emit infrared light at 800 Hz; the Pig Targets on the yellow half emit infrared light at 1250 Hz. Each half has a 4’ stretch of non-reflective black tape along the central axis, with 2’ stretches of tape placed perpendicular to the central tape at the endpoints and midpoints.

Our Specific Project Website:

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